Our Solutions

NSO’s combined offering of an advice-led approach and flexible capital deployment mandate is uniquely positioned to solve many of the challenging situations facing South African corporates, private capital investors, lenders and restructuring practitioners.

Advice-Led and Hands-On Approach

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NSO is more than an investor. We provide a turnkey framework of advisory services, hands-on performance management, networks and capital to deliver sustainable outcomes while reducing downside risk.

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We assist companies that are over-geared or require capital restructuring, providing guidance and capital support for value creation and growth.

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Our approach involves strategies developed through a clear understanding of root cause factors and supports the delivery and execution thereof through expert advice, active involvement and managed exits.

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We will engage through a detailed and candid assessment of the situation or opportunity and provide a framework of suggested solutions to relevant stakeholders.

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We work closely with our partners and investees to help them achieve their goals and remain committed to building long-term relationships based on trust, transparency and shared success.

Flexible Mandate

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We understand that every business and situation is unique.

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Our innovative team draws on our diverse experience, broad relationships and industry track record to tailor solutions to any situation.

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NSO’s skill set and investment mandate provide the flexibility to customise our capital and operational solutions to various scenarios and timeframes.

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Our flexible capital deployment mandate ensures the ability to assess opportunities across the full debt and equity spectrum.

Optimal Solutions for Challenging Situations

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We aim to help businesses thrive in today’s dynamic and rapidly-changing business environment by delivering unique and responsible capital solutions to a diverse range of special investment situations in the Sub-Saharan Africa market.

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We focus on businesses that are fundamentally viable but require financial and operational interventions to return them to financial stability or deliver further growth.

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We are proficient at constructing appropriate solutions to achieve multiple objectives, including preserving jobs and generating positive capital outcomes for all stakeholders.

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Our ‘patient’ capital deployment model emphasises the importance of long-term growth and sustainability over short-term gains and exits while also considering the impact of our investment on employees, society, and the environment.

Solutions geared to address the needs of multiple stakeholders

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NSO’s core offering is centered on delivering support solutions to corporates, debt-holders, equity investors and restructuring practitioners in the form of growth funding, balance sheet restructuring and operational turnarounds.

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The combination of our advice-led approach and flexible capital deployment ensures we have multiple levers to find optimal solutions to the challenges faced by multiple stakeholders.

NSO’s funding resources are drawn from the Nimble Group balance sheet, as well as from a pool of top-tier institutional investors, which includes the International Finance Corporation (IFC).

How we add value

NSO is an active role-player, using an advice-led approach to provide capital deployment solutions.

Active Involvement

We play an active role in the management of portfolio businesses and funder consortiums.

Our team brings extensive private equity and credit management experience to each solution.

Use of Incentives to Create Alignment

We build strong relationships with management teams, ensuring our ability to be close to the detail and contribute decisively.

Our use of incentives to align management and stakeholders builds confidence and achieves outcomes.

Our structures incorporate management earn-ins, profit-sharing and equity ratchets.

Strategy Execution

We contribute to the development and execution of business strategy, driving successful investment outcomes.

We implement strong governance processes which ensure transparency and accountability.

Deep Relationships

We have an extensive relationship and network base across the financial and operational spectrum, ensuring appropriate and highly experienced resources are part of our solution.

Ability to Manage Exits and Liquidity

Our Team has an extensive track record of achieving exits across the spectrum of debt and equity investments.

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