Over 100 years

of combined
management experience
Unique combination of

Private Equity


Debt Restructuring


Capital Deployment


Our RSA footprint

Employment stability provided to

650 people


R2.1 billion

capital raised*
*Sourced from Nimble Group, IFC, and local financial institutions.

Our investment purpose
NSO brings sustainable debt and capital solutions to Special Opportunities where:

There is a fundamentally proven business model

Support is needed by entities:

  • Operating in challenging markets and under difficult circumstances

  • To protect value and maintain jobs

  • To resolve conflict between parties with different mandates or views that hamper business operations or capital restructuring

Our distinction

Ability to assess situations efficiently

Nimble Group

Our experienced team has a deep understanding of financial and operational dynamics for comprehensive evaluation and assessment

Nimble Group

We offer swift and astute analysis and effective decision-making

Nimble Group

We invest across a diverse range of industries

Broad skillset

Nimble Group

Our team has years of experience and the critical skills necessary to understand the value-drivers that support capital preservation and growth

Nimble Group

Our proficiencies include engaging hands-on assessments and offering bespoke financial and operational solutions to protect value, ensure profitability, and maintain operational health

Nimble Group

We have strong relationships with banks, financial institutions, and business advisors for tailor-made financial partnerships and solutions

Deal structuring, negotiation and execution

We have a proven track record and experience across:

Nimble Group

Customized Debt and Equity Investing

Nimble Group


Nimble Group

Business rescue, liquidation and managed wind-downs

Flexible mandate

Nimble Group

We deploy capital in a responsible manner through a tailored mandate relevant to the current operating environment

Nimble Group

NSO’s investment mandate allows for participation across the full spectrum of debt and equity instruments

Finance Corporation

We have partnered with the IFC and a consortium of local investment banks and capital market participants to structure our flexible funding mandate.

The IFC is a shareholder in the Nimble Group.

Nimble Group

The International Finance Corporation (IFC), a member of the World Bank, has partnered with Nimble Group to focus on the acquisition and resolution of distressed assets, refinancing and restructuring enterprises in Sub-Saharan Africa through the IFC’s Distressed Asset Recovery Programme (DARP).

Nimble Group

Partnering with IFC and Nimble’s funding partners enables us to improve the lives of people by encouraging growth and development through impactful investments.

Funding partners:

How we make a difference

At the core of our investment purpose is our commitment to provide sustainable solutions which contribute positively to the societies and environments in which we operate.

We apply the principles of Nimble Group’s vision to make capital management a constructive, impactful and recognised contributor towards Africa’s progress.


Impact on societies

We accept our responsibility to deploy capital into situations where it can have the greatest positive societal impact.

The creation and preservation of jobs during difficult economic times remains our greatest challenge. To date, we have directly impacted the employment stability of over 650 people in the SA economy.

Other social considerations such as fair labour practices, human rights policies, diversity, inclusion and community engagement are critical components of the solutions we develop.

Preserving Africa’s natural environment

An important focus for NSO and our investee companies is to prioritize environmental sustainability through the implementation of sustainable practices and adoption of eco-friendly initiatives.

Our goal is to contribute to long-term sustainability and preserve natural resources by minimizing carbon footprints.

Our initiatives encompass waste and emission reduction, recycling programs, water conservation, exploring energy solutions, enhancing energy efficiency, establishing sustainable supply chain collaborations, and engaging and educating employees.

Ensuring every NSO business upholds the highest ethical and governance standards

We apply best-practice governance standards across our portfolio solutions

Nimble Group’s Board and Investment Committee bring deep industry experience, insight and thought leadership to our businesses and investment model

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